March 25, 2010

Break the Cycle.

One thing I've never really understood is why menstruation is such a taboo topic. For both men and women, sometimes myself included, menstruation has always been an uncomfortable issue. It's something that most of us have learned not to bring up or discuss. Something we've learned to feel dirty and embarrassed about. For something that happens to half of the human race, you'd think we'd be a little more comfortable talking about it.

Kotex feels the same. They just released a new campaign and line of feminine care products promoting a new and healthier outlook on periods and vaginal care. U by Kotex encourages girls and women to take control of their health and bodies. They're asking us to educate ourselves, challenge the norm when it comes to the way society regards vaginal talk, and start to take better care of our bodies:

"In a recent survey, 70% of women said they wish society would change the way it talk about vaginal health, but less than half feel like they can do something about it. U by Kotex band wants to help women change the conversation about periods and vaginal care. By bringing it out into the open, we hope that every woman will learn to think differently, talk openly, take charge, help Break the Cycle and begin to feel comfortable with her body and confident about her personal care."

U by Kotex has also decided to launch a new line of advertisement spoofs on typical femcare commercials. This campaign first grabbed my attention when I heard about their original television ad being banned. You can't say "vagina" in a television and the phrase "down there" is out too. Can you believe that? We see commercials for erectile dysfunction all the time but any direct reference to female anatomy isn't permitted. Merrie Harris, global business director at Kotex says, "We're saying, enough with the euphemisms, and get over it. Tampon is not a dirty word, and neither is vagina."

"At U by Kotex, we think it's high time we all stopped being so damn shy about our vaginas. You don't need to do a Paris or Britney, but being able to talk about without going red is a good start. After all, we've all got one. In fact, we've only got one, so make sure you take good care of it with U by Kotex, where you can find information about having a healthy vagina, puberty, menstruation, and femcare products.

The campaign site offers both a Q&A and education section where you can get helpful information from health experts. You can also send in your own ad spoof or just score some free samples! You can join the campaign by signing the declaration. For every person who joins the movement, U by Kotex will make a $1 donation to Girls For A Change, a non profit organization that empowers girls to create and lead social change.

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