About Us

Age: 21

Location: Brick, New Jersey

Bio: I just graduated from a boring community college that I attended, and I have no idea what comes next. I'm taking a semester off, and then I'd like to go back to school somewhere for a bachelors degree in Women and Gender Studies, maybe? I currently work at Macy's in the Women Shoes department selling overpriced kicks...and it sucks. Consumerism and business casual dress codes really aren't my thaang. I have a boyfriend of over four years named Corey, he's pretty much the coolest guy I've ever met. I'm really into music (mainly punk and folk, but I'm open to anything), equality, and taking it easy. The riot grrrl movement of the 90's is basically my biggest influence in life.

Contact: AlienSheXV@gmail.com

Age: 20

Location: Burlington, Vermont

Bio: I'm a junior at the University of Vermont studying Human Development and Family Studies. Right now I'm interning at a Women's Rape Crisis Center, working the hotlines. I have no idea what I'm doing after college, maybe grad school for social work or finding a job helping improve the lives of women. I'm an avid reader and occasional writer in my spare time. I'm most passionate about animal rights, gender equality, and taking the time to enjoy the little things.

Contact: ElFergus@uvm.edu

Age: 28

Location: Twin Cities, Minnesota

Bio: I love dancing, Lady Gaga, drag queens, motherhood, and grrrl zines. My favorite thing to do is math homework, especially biostatistics, algebra, and trigonometry. Sometimes ex boyfriends call me with their math problems; I love this. I'm struggling with procrastination, body image, loneliness and am trying to find my scene here in Minnesota, but it's a slow process and this is why I make zines. I'm about halfway done with my grad degree, work at a family planning clinic, and just want my son to be proud of me.

Contact: lamesha4@gmail.com