March 24, 2010

A bit of a catch-up...

These are some of the things that I wanted to write about, but didn't get the chance to while on my unfortunate blog-hiatus. I figured it's better now then never though, right? Right.

  • March 7th was the 82nd annual Academy Awards, and for the first time in the history of  The Academy Awards, a woman won the Oscar for Best Director. That is pretty exciting, and a huge step forward for woman directors, since filmmaking is a field that is still unfortunately dominated by men. The win went to Kathryn Bigelow, for her film The Hurt Locker. Only four women, including Kathryn Bigelow, have ever been nominated for that category. I have yet to see The Hurt Locker, but hope to soon; it looks great!

  • On March 11th Lady Gaga released her music video for her song 'Telephone' featuring Beyonce. Personally, I'm in love with this video and have watched it a few times already! Weather or not it's better then her video for her song 'Bad Romance' is up for discussion, but it's still an amazing video none-the-less. It's artistic, interesting, and of course pushes the boundaries while being filled with tons of hidden messages, like most of Gaga's music videos. Featuring a bad-ass studded leather jacket, "I told you she didn't have a dick", and the infamous "Pussy Wagon" from Kill Bill, this is a music video must-see. So if you haven't already seen it, please get out from the rock you've been living under and do so now. 10 minutes well spent. :-)

  • On a sadly more serious note: If passed, New Jersey Governor Christie's budget for next year would eliminate all funds for women's health services. Please take action against this now!

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  1. 1. We need to get that movie. It brought home so many awards.
    2. GISM, DooM, Dystopia, Filth... <3<3<3<3
    3. Fuck Christie.