April 20, 2010

What I'm listening to- Mika Miko

I have a terrible habit of finding out about bands right before they break up. It sucks, because then I usually never get the chance to see them perform live. This holds true with the band I'm going to write about now- Mika Miko.

Back in December, I was talking to someone online about women in punk music, when they mentioned to me the band Mika Miko. Obviously at that time I never heard of them, so I decided to look them up and listen to some of their songs. After doing so, I instantly fell in love with them and bought a few of their records. It didn't take long for Mika Miko to become one of my favorite bands. I kept checking their tour dates section of their MySpace to see if they were going to play any shows in or around the NJ area, I was so pumped to see this band perform live because of the videos I saw of their live shows on Youtube. They seemed to have such amazing, fun, high-energy shows. But instead of making my wishes come true and announcing a show in the NJ area, they announced that they were breaking up. I was pissed. January 1st turned out to be their last show, at The Smell in Los Angele's, CA. 

So who is Mika Miko? Mika Miko was a punk/noise band from Los Angele's, CA, that formed in 2003. They started out as an all-girl band with Jennifer Clavin on vocals, Jenna Thornhill also on vocals, Michelle Suarez on guitar, Jessica Clavin on bass, and last but not least; Kate Hall on drums. But then a few years into being a band the drummer, Kate Hall, left and was replaced by the then only guy in the band; Seth Densham. After forming, it didn't take long for this band to gain a large local following. They were known for their intense live shows, and their 'call and response' style of vocals (when two vocalists sing phrases back and forth). 

Their sound was reminiscent of classic 1977 punk. They remind me of a mix between The Germs and 90's riot grrrl band The Frumpies. Don't get me wrong, I love girl punk bands that have cute lyrics and overall sound (I mean hello, my first 'what I'm listening to' post was on The Coathangers) but I also really appreciate girl punk bands that can play just as hard as their male counterparts- and that's Mika Miko. These ladies are bad-ass, and they play some catchy shit! The fact that they are now broken up and no longer a band is besides the point, they still deserve a listen if you haven't heard them already. 

They have a handful of 7" and full-length albums, some of which you can buy here.

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  1. Yay, another post!

    This band was a good find, I love the sound/dual singers/unique style.

    I agree that is sucks finding bands that you love and then they break up before you get to see them.

    Found this band the other night, they are from the East Coast but sadly they just broke up too. They are called Cheeky: http://www.myspace.com/cheekyli

    And The Pot and Kettle were awesome from New Brunswick (now they are the less cool but more popular Vivian Girls):